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a dental implant alongside natural teeth

Dental implants are an “artificial root” upon which a single tooth replacement such a crown can be placed, or they may be used to stabilize larger prosthesis like dentures. The implant is fabricated out of titanium which is generally tolerated well by the body. They may be placed the same day as the tooth extraction, but likely a healing period will be recommended before placement. By having an implant placed, the surrounding bone will stabilize and not continue to resorb, which allows for greater support long term and greater function, as well as esthetics, regardless of replacement choice. They are a superior way to replace missing teeth, as they do not require the support of surrounding teeth which are not designed to assume additional stress, especially if they are compromised to begin with. Implants are also an excellent option for stabilizing loose, uncomfortable, dentures. In some cases, they may be loaded immediately so you have your new smile the same day they are placed.


a dental bridge placed on top of implants next to real teeth


A bridge is an alternative to an implant to replace missing teeth. It is a row of crowns linked together, and cements to the teeth adjacent the missing tooth. It is not removable, and feels natural.


a smiling woman with bright teeth


If you need all of your teeth replaced, or think you need dentures, this may be an option for you. This treatment is done in combination with one of our local surgeons, where you can be sedated and wake up with a brand new smile! Implants are placed and your new smile can be stabilized by them the same day. No one will ever know you had teeth removed because you leave with them the same day. You can also resume eating the next day!


the placement of a dental crown


A crown is placed to replace large amounts of missing tooth structure or prevent the tooth from cracking if there are fracture lines present. Crowns are also used to stabilize a tooth that has had root canal therapy. They can also be used to replace a tooth on an implant, cover severely discolored teeth, and restore the proper bite in cases of severe wear or TMD. Crowns may be fabricated out of porcelain, glass, zirconia, metal, or any combination of.


a man smiling


Dentures are removable appliances that are designed to replace multiple missing teeth, or even a full arch. They are made out of acrylic, a metal base with acrylic on top, or a flexible material. They are custom made, and take a handful of fitting visits to be made. It is recommended that any dentures that replace an entire arch be supported by implants to stabilize them and come as close as possible to the function of natural teeth.



Services That we Offer

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Here at Cedar Creek Dental in Winchester, VA we specialize in a wide variety of dental services. We offer many services under one roof for your convenience. Listed below are some of the more common services we offer, but by no means is the list complete. We are constantly learning and educating ourselves on new procedures to better serve you.


Preventative Care Dentist Winchester VA


Preventative Care


These services are primarily provided to maintain your current oral health condition and identify problems.


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Cosmetic Dentist Winchester VA




A new smile, or even a subtle change such as whitening can be extremely life changing.


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Restorative Dentist Winchester VA




We can bring your smile back to optimal health and balance your bite by replacing missing teeth.


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Orthodontic Dentist Winchester VA




We offer this service to our adult patients who would like to straighten their teeth.



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Oral Surgery in Winchester VA


Oral Surgery


We provide services from basic extractions to implants.



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Root Canals in Winchester VA


Root Canal


A root canal is recommended when a cavity is close to the nerve of the tooth or the tooth is infected.



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TMD Dentist Winchester


TMD Therapy


TMD therapy may benefit you if you suffer from headaches, sensitive teeth, or grind your teeth.



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What Our Clients Say

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  • "Very good experience from someone who has always been uncomfortable at a dentist office. Thank you very much."


  • "I had a wonderful experience with entire staff very professional and caring. They were super nice to my 2 younger children as well..."


  • "Dr. Alexis has a wonderful chair side manner. I haven’t been to the dentist in awhile and was afraid of being judged. I had nothing to worry about here. The entire staff answered all of my questions and was able to schedule an appointment quickly."


  • "Dr. Alexis is a excellent dentist. I highly recommend Dr. Alexis to anyone who is looking for a doctor who really cares about their patients and who listens. All our concerns are addressed right away..."


  • "The most relaxing environment I have ever found in a dental office! Everyone is so nice and makes every effort to make you feel comfortable."




About the Practice

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Located in Winchester, VA, Cedar Creek Dental and Dr. Alexis Mierzwa combine excellence in care with a level of patient service rarely seen these days. We listen to your concerns and your goals become our goals. Our greatest pleasure is making positive changes in our patients lives. In addition to complicated full mouth rehabilitation cases and smile makeovers, Dr. Alexis Mierzwa offers a wide range of cosmetic, preventative, restorative services, and even children’s dentistry. You can get everything you need for your oral health all in one place.


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Dr Alexis Mierzwa DDS





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